Snap Blog Conference - Day 1

This is my 3rd? or 4th time attending Snap Conference in Utah which is a conference for bloggers and creative people. It's full of business classes, some crafty classes, keynote speakers, parties and lots of networking. I have a pretty fun time and am so glad I got to attend again.

I've been missing my sister's amazing cooking!

I drove all day Wednesdsay to get to Salt Lake. I had an 85 year old friend from Ridgecrest with me and the drive took a little longer than I would have liked due to weather mostly but overall it wasn't too bad. I dropped her off at her daughter's house then headed to my sister Laura's place. I decided not to stay at the Little America hotel downtown where the conference was being held and just made the drive there and back from West Jordan each day.

When I arrived at the hotel, I dropped off my secret sister items and got my name badge, swag bag, and t-shirt. Wow. In the past, we've had to pay for shirts and I only did that once. This year, new people bought the conference so there were a few changes and I guess that was one of them. I'm a fan! The shirt has the theme "Aspire to Inspire" on it and is super soft.

I walked around and visited some of the sponsor booths, did a make and take card with Close to my Heart and then was the opening keynote/welcome. Next, down to business! The first class I took was about Instagram Monetization which I was really excited about because I enjoy that platform but have no idea how to make money on it. Britney Anderson had some great tips.

San Diablo Churros was there! I tried the Nutella and Lemon

Then I went to a class called Win-Win-Win: How to Make Sponsored Content Great for You, Your Audience, and the Brand with Miranda Anderson and Janssen Bradshaw. SO good as well!

Then my evening took a turn. I got invited to a dinner by a couple friends even though I had planned on going to a dinner at the Copper Onion. There were different groups and that group was for vinyl cutting and cut files. Great! The other group was no particular topic. I really couldn't decide because the people I knew who were going, I wanted to see them all! So I let the menu decide for me and ended up with the group that had no particular topic at a place called Avenues Proper.

Their menu was..interesting. I thought I'd try this popcorn which was made with duck fat and fennel. Really interesting to try. Strong flavor and it lingered in my mouth for quite awhile. I got it for the table to share and most people just took one piece so there was a lot leftover. I had..10 pieces or so.

I got the Chicken Mole Tacos.
Didn't love them.
The sauce was just weird to me but the chicken was good and the tortilla. 
Kinda a bummer letdown to spend a lot on dinner (this was $11) and not be satisfied.

Everything got better when we stopped next door at Hatch Family Chocolates (always wanted to go here!) and I got this yummy ice cream. I should have just gotten dinner here or gone to the Copper Onion instead. Oye. Now I know though and I'll never eat at the Avenues Proper place again most likely. I also slightly forgot that there was a Snap Conference PJ party that was going to have sweet treats as well. Whoops. Stay tuned for all the deets on that fun party!


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