Crafty Updates

It's been a little quiet here lately but that doesn't mean that I haven't been crafting. Although, the big earthquakes that shook Ridgecrest fairly hard, did mess up things in the she-shed for me for a while. Mostly everything is cleaned up now and bookcases are now attached to the walls. If anyone has any other earthquake-proofing methods for a craft room, leave me a comment. Here's some crafty goodness that has happened since June...

I've been absolutely loving this Gallery Glass paint that Plaid Crafts sent me to try out. Oh man. You can make fun stained glass looking window clings. Not only can they cling to windows but any smooth surface such as a phone, laptop case or container. I've made so many of these and applied them (mostly) the back patio doors. They look so cool! The hardest part is waiting for the black to dry so I can apply the color. The next hardest part is waiting for the color to dry so I can peel them off the plastic sheet.

Here are some other fun ones I made and all the colors! It's nice that they sent a sheet to trace from but I've also used my iPad to find images to trace as well since I'm not great at free-handing.

I won this product from Rustoleum. Have yet to use it but send me any ideas you might have! It appears that it transfers a photo to wood, maybe other surfaces too.

Made these sleep masks with my Cricut machine to give the girls in my cabin up at Camp Wilderness. These were fun to do!

Also, made this shirt for my secret sister who loves dogs. I love how it turned out. I hope it fit her, she seemed to like it though. 

I also put these pillow-gifts together for the girls in my cabin. Love my Cutterpillar that let me cut all these images in to smaller cards. I ordered the highlighter pens on Amazon.

Sadly there was not a lot of craftiness up at camp that I could find. I did bring my nailpolish so the girls in my cabin could do their nails. They seemed to enjoy that.

Someone brought this cool paper up to camp and we could write notes on it. Too fun! Took a picture because I might want to get some myself.

Crafts I got to do up at Camp Ritchie! Not pictured is a pair of earrings I made. Tye-dying was so fun and the headbands were made from strips of bandanas and hair tyes. Very easy and fun and I'll be making more in the future for sure.

Worked on the teardrop camper ~ used Unicorn Spit to start the countertop and Rustoleum sent me some glaze that I am using to seal in the color.

Bought some paint at Home Depot to paint the back kitchen area of the teardrop camper before we took it up to Idaho for Tony's family reunion. I like how it turned out and it matches the green exterior well.

Some crafts we made at the family reunion in Idaho...Tony's mom brought some fun things and I helped by bringing paints and brushes.

That's just a bit of some of the crafts I've done this summer. Sadly I didn't get to do a craft a day in July like I had planned...too much traveling and too much shaking from the earthquakes. Maybe I'll aim to do it again sometime. But I think, considering the circumstances, I did pretty well and got to use a variety of supplies.

Painting rocks in Idaho at the reunion as well.

Not pictured is the metal stamping jewelry we made. A couple people did rings which turned out so cool as well as some other jewelry. I really should have documented!

What crafts did you enjoy doing this summer?


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