Disney Themed Pinterest Party!

I really need to get a photographer for these events...so for now, you get what you get.
I was so stoked and kind of nervous too, to figure out a new theme that has never been done before for a Pinterest party. The theme was DISNEY! Keep reading to see what we made and ate.

First, since one person missed the last party, I saved her craft and she was able to complete it on Wednesday night. I love all the colors and how this turned out!

Next, I have a friend who attends the parties as often as she can and loves Disney. She knows how to make Mickey ears and agreed to teach us! It was so beneficial and it's nice to have an actual person showing how to do something vs. trying to follow instructions on the internet.

There are lots of tutorials online though and many of them look legit. I have some linked on the Pinterest board for the party here.

Here is how my ears turned out - I'm loving the owl fabric I found at Joanns. I know, not Disney, but fun to try and I'll still proudly wear them to the park. I already have ideas for more ears. Just need to be home long enough to make them!

LaWanna, Christy and I with our ears on. I think everyone did such a great job. Kind of a lot to the process but I'm sure will go faster the more we make.

Next, this fun craft, inspiration here, that we used washers for from Home Depot and nailpolish with a little bit of wire and a pony bead.

Turned out so cool! You can decide to paint or not paint. I think they look great either way.

Now, on to the food! 

Not many people at this party meant not a lot of food options but we still got some really good ones.

Love the themed Goldfish and Oj. Very fitting!

Toy Story Green Alien Popcorn -  pretty darn delicious!

Tony, being the great husband that he is, helped to make these mac and cheese cones.

I made the paper cones and he covered them with foil and pizza dough.

Ta-Da! Look at that! Mix some bacon in to mac & cheese and then take a bite. And more bites. So good. Better when it's warm but oh so good.

I had so many more ideas of food and crafts pinned to the Pinterest board but no worries, I think we'll do this theme again in the future. Huge thanks to all who came!


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