Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 2



I started the day with a Dye-Na-Flow class. 

I don't think I've ever taken a dyeing class at Craftcation and this year I picked 2 to do!

Rachael is someone I've met at Craftcation in the past and also while volunteering in the past. She's super cool and talented and I even bought a cute skirt from her that she was selling when I got to the hotel Tuesday night to help my friend get her luggage to her room.

Check out Rachael's website here

The process. Yes, I picked shades of blue/teal/green for mine.

Out in the common area, I met this purse, and then I met its owner. Ha! She'd been gifted this bag by her sister. So beautiful and I'm so happy she let me take a photo of it.

The MAKE design is starting to take shape!

Hanging out in the artcade for a moment ^^

For lunch, my friends and I went over to Beach House Tacos. Marie & I had decided we want to try it this year before we came to Craftcation. I got carne asada tacos with a side of rice. Pretty delicious and the views were quite beautiful.

After lunch, we drove back to the hotel (just a few minutes up the road) and started the next round of classes!

 I went to a DIY lazy susan class. Ryobi was the sponsor for this one, as you can see from all the tools. I didn't take many pictures in this class but we had to draw lines to get the hardware for this to rotate properly, in the center of the bottom smaller wood circle. It was hard to get the screws in correctly at times but overall I am pretty pleased with how mine turned out (and a lot of help from my friend LaWanna as well). I painted the edge a shade of teal and am going to do Unicorn Spit I think, on the top. It'll be a project for May.

Next up was the SVG Creator Workshop class I'd signed up for. I have been dying to take this class for quite a while now and I would not say that it was a disappointment. I learned a lot, again, many steps and you do need to use a website not available on the iPad to actually turn the image into an SVG. Luckily the girl beside me had a Windows tablet and was able to do that part but she was unable to follow along with the drawing because it was done in the Procreate app.

Next up was a surprise... I did not know I would get to make a craft in this class! Our drawing on the iPad was of a stick with leaves. But this cut file was already made for us and all we had to do was go cut it out on the new Solo machine (similar to a Cricut or Silhouette) and then weed it and attach it to the cute cup we received. 

Here I am with the Solo machine. So interesting, I didn't realize there were any other cutting machines out there besides the ones I mentioned above. My favorite feature was the light, you can change it to many different colors. Wowow! I am easy to please, I know.

Weeding the vinyl (left picture) and my finished cup (on the right).

Marie, Christie, LaWanna, and I ate downstairs with food from the hotel restaurant. I don't think I was hungry so I just sat and hang out and ate a snack. Next up was the Iron Craft competition. I used to not be into participating in (watching) this but now I really enjoy it. Kelly (blue shirt) was the winner last year and she had an amazing belt she made to let everyone know. She was hilarious!

I didn't get a great photo but her belt says Champion on it and 2022.

After each round, contestants came up on the stage to show what they had made with the materials given to them. They could use whatever they wanted on the table in front of them but were also given a mystery item to incorporate right before the 5-minute countdown started. Then there were 4 judges who decided who moved to the next round until there were only 2 left to battle it out. Kelly made it through a couple rounds but sadly was not up against the lady who ended up winning.

After that fun, I went to the common area to get a henna tattoo. The instant I saw this owl in the book I knew that was the design I was picking. It turned out dang cute and what a great way to kick off summ...I mean spring.

I ended the night by watching karaoke with Marie and Christie.  This cute girl was so brave to get up on stage. I mostly took videos, not so much still pictures and videos are not as easy to post here for some reason. Some people got really into their songs and with others, you could tell it took all they had in them just to get up on the stage. I left before it was over but it was a good time to hang out in the room for a bit.

Stay tuned for day 3!


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