Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 3!


 My first class of the day was to attend this panel of ladies who spoke about brands and how to work with them. I got a few good tips but overall I was aware already of everything that was talked about. Still, it was pretty interesting to listen to overall. Here are some of my takeaways...

- Know what my aesthetic is, what is my core story

- Everyone has a brand, establish it early on

- Tag brands and use their hashtags. They are taking notes. Brand loyalty is important.

- When pitching, present with 3 tiers so brands have an idea of what you're thinking to do

- No doesn't mean forever, it just means no right now.

For lunch, my friends Marie, Christie and LaWanna and I went to get food nearby at Lucky Thai Cuisine I got food here last year as well during Craftcation and it's pretty tasty.

After lunch, I took a class called "Pop Art Portraits in Procreate" with my iPad. It was not an easy class. Lots and lots of layers. I'm not sure if I could replicate what I did but overall it was fun to try. The photo above is halfway through the project.

Next up was the water marble silk scarf class. I was very excited to take this class. The instructor was fantastic!

She showed us step by step what to do and how to get different looks with our designs with the board of pegs she ran through the water and paint mix.

How crazy cool does that look?!

So many attendees were making amazing-looking silk scarves! I do not have a finished photo of mine yet. I need to iron it to get all the wrinkles out and then I should be able to post it somewhere. Maybe on IG.

In the evening - finally finally, Wanderings was back! The last time I got to participate was in 2019. Then it was canceled for a bit but this year I am so stoked to say that it was up and running and I was able to participate! 

The Spring Fling room was creative and fun!

But I'll admit that the pb&j room was my top favorite. Look at all the kinds of breads!

And the jams and jellies + cheese too if you wanted to make grilled cheese. So many fabulous options!

This room had jewelry for sale, was very relaxing and smelled good. I got some gummy bears, a favorite candy of mine :)

This peach room was a unique theme as well. So many fun decorations and I enjoyed some peach punch and wrote on a paper peach to add to the tree.

The carnival-themed room!

Even had a bearded lady. So many laughs! He was such a good sport.

This room was pretty popular and crowded.

The decorations were on point!

This room had embroidery for sale as well as embroidery you could sit and stitch on for a few minutes if you desired.

This Craftiki room also had so much great decor!

That wrapped up the night. My friends and I hung out in the lobby a bit chatting and then made our way to our sleeping spots for the night. Overall, another great day at Craftcation!


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