Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 4!


My friend Barbara and I. She's so sweet and fun to talk to! We were in the Saturday morning class together about building an organic community. We were probably 2 of the youngest people in the room, lol. But it was mostly interesting overall. I feel again like I didn't learn a whole lot but it was nice to have a chill start to my morning. 

I put these together to hand out to Craftcation attendees in the lobby. Resin keychains are so much fun to make.

The next class I took was a wire-wrapped heart pendant. It was very tricky to make. I missed 20-3o min of the class because I had signed up for a 1-on-1 with someone and that was right during the class. 

Next up the class I had signed up for was to carve a selfie stamp. I have done stamp carving before but it's been quite a while. It took me a few attempts of tracing a photograph of my face in order to be happy with it. 

So that's great, I was happy with a tracing of my face, but then trying to carve out where I wanted to in order to have my face stamp correctly, was so hard for me. There wasn't really much help, one woman tried to explain to me what areas I needed to carve but I just didn't get it. So I ended up with what I ended up with and it's not great. I didn't want the ink to be on my face as much as it is.

Other people in the class did such wonderful stamps. I just don't understand how without messing up my stamp. Some crafts just aren't meant for me to do I guess.

Before...and after.

LaWanna, Lisa (who we met during Wanderings) and I

Fun photo op at the front of the Marriott Hotel

Evening dress up and dance party. I ended up not dressing up but my friend Marie did as well as others!


Hung out at the hotel for awhile and chatted with friends and admired the cool "Night at the Museum" costumes before heading back to the Airbnb.

View from upstairs down in the lobby.


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