Neighbor Christmas Gifts

This post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts who I love and enjoy working with! They sent me this Pickling Wash, something I'd never heard of before and had stored in my paint cart before I finally decided to get brave and use it on a gift I wanted to make for my neighbors this Christmas.

California Christmas Pinterest Party!

The Pinterest party I've been greatly anticipating for weeks (minus being focused on Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping) had arrived and it did not disappoint. Here are some pics of the before and during so take a look at what we made and ate!

Unicorn Ornament Making!

I've been seeing these cute unicorn ornaments on the various craft groups I am in on Facebook and thought they'd be fun to try making. My friend Wendy came over to help me set up for the Pinterest party and we sat down and started glittering these little ornaments I found at Michael's on Black Friday for half off. Love the size, small to work with but that also meant we were dealing with tiny clay horns, eyelashes and flowers.

Glittering was really fun, I have lots of colors (also from Michaels) and we put that on the inside of the ornaments first and shook it around to evenly coat everything.  That part was fun and fast.

Next we worked on the horns, I had gotten some Sculpey clay from Michael's and it was relaxing to squish the clay around and shape it to the size that looked best.

The tiny flowers I got at Michael's on Black Friday as well and they were perfect! I found the red and white hanger hooks at Michael's when we were in San Diego a couple weeks ago. 

The felt ears were the hardest to do and now that I think about it, I bet I could just cut them on my Cricut machine so I might play around with doing that.

Glass Block Crafting

I've hung on to these glass blocks since I lived in Utah and have been wanting to use them at a Pinterest party and the Christmas one coming up was the perfect opportunity. 

Christmas Decor Is Here!

Can you believe this year is almost over in a few more weeks? Eek! I hope you feel accomplished and like you had a fairly good year. I know I did! 2017 surpassed my expectations to say the least. 

Just wanted to share with you guys some fun decor to get your holiday spirit in gear!

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Target Black Friday Deals 2017

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I love shopping at Target and I'm excited about these Black Friday deals happening so soon now! Keep reading to find deals on furniture, rugs, video games, toys and more. 

Small Business Saturday - Nov 25!


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Thanksgiving Decor is Here!

I know Thanksgiving is creeping up on us but in case you don't have all your decor up yet, here are some cute ideas!

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Halloween Popcorn Blog Hop 2017!

Hello and welcome to Nite Owl Creates! I heart owls and I enjoy staying up late and of course I love doing all sorts of crafts so that's where my blog name came from. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I love hosting Pinterest parties and one of my favorite craft tools is my Cricut machine. Now, let's get started!

Halloween Pinterest Party California

One year down living here in the high desert of California. Wow! Around this same time last year I hosted my first Pinterest party with a few neighbors and a friend I had made on Instagram. Things have come a long way since then!

Cricut Mail Unboxing!

I am awful at videos but I really wanted to make an unboxing video today so after many attempts at filming, I used iMovie to put this together. I wish I could have gotten some text on the screen because the device heats 9x9 in size but it wanted to keep that text on the whole clip. I couldn't seem to adjust it. Anyways...take a look and I can't wait to make another video of the heat press in action!

New Cricut Favorites & Free Shipping!

I am an online shopper but what stops me from purchasing what's in my cart is seeing how much more my total goes up when shipping is added on. Such a bummer! So I end up closing a lot of tabs (much to my wallet's pleasure? or dismay?) However, right now for the month of September, you can get free shipping on any purchase - no minimum! on the Cricut website. Score!!

August California Pinterest Party!

In August I did the Camping & S'mores theme Pinterest Party in Ridgecrest and it was fun to host it in the she-shed again.

August Utah Pinterest Party!

Thank you Winco for the fruit snacks and gummy worms (things I think of while camping, ha!) and Hobby Lobby for the leaf dishes as well as the paper plates

I anticipate these parties so much so when the day of comes, I'm so ready! Ready for it to happen, maybe not always prepared with what I need. Hosting Pinterest parties away from home is challenging but I enjoy getting my Utah friends together for a night of food and crafts!

Mixed Media Event - SLC - Day 1

My friend (not pictured) Marie, is the best! She has a good sense for conferences and invites me along which is mega nice of her. The latest event we went to together was just this week in Salt Lake City - the Mixed Media event at the Salt Palace. Check out what we did and saw!

Next Pinterest Party Theme Announced!

August - Camping & S'mores Pinterest Party in CALIFORNIA & UTAH!

Exact dates & Pinterest board link will be announced soon!

Not following along yet? Click here to join the West Coast Pinterest Parties group to stay in the loop about upcoming parties and projects!

Cactus & Succulents Pinterest Party [California]

This theme of cactus and succulents is one of my favorites that I have done and I was super stoked to finally have this party out in the high desert in California. Take a look and what we made and ate!

Create Club Featuring Cricut!

I've been in Camarillo, CA this week while Tony has a job on site in Point Mugu. We got an airbnb instead of a hotel because it was a better deal and its in a nice community of homes. The guy we are renting a room from is hardly home it seems so it almost feels like our own place.

Cactus & Succulents Pinterest Party [Utah]

Many thanks to my friend Karina who attended and got some awesome pics to let me use on my blog!

I have been super excited about this theme for the party ever since I thought it up a couple months ago. Ahh! There were not many ideas on Pinterest at first but as I went back and kept checking, I found more and more things. Enough ideas that I am doing the same theme in California in June with completely different crafts. So here goes, this is what we ate and crafted!

What Is Create Club?

Are you on Snapchat? 

Do you love being creative whether is with fun paper, tools, food, sewing, stamps, wood, vinyl, beads, paint, etc? 

If so....then Create Club is made for you! Check out what it's all about...

Utah Spring Theme Pinterest Party!

Many thanks again to my friend Melissa for hosting this spring theme Pinterest party at her house. It was the perfect amount of room for everyone who was able to come. I'm so excited to share all about the food we had and crafts we made!

5 Epic Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

Remember the days when living room was the center of your micro universe? When families gathered around TV to watch their favorite show? With rise of the internet those days are long gone and we are more isolated now than ever before. Regardless, when those moments do occur, they tend to be special.
Although family dynamic has drastically changed the matter of fact remains that living rooms are still important. If not for the family then for your guests. That being said, you still have to pay attention to small details. Minor design flaws can completely ruin the room making the time spent in much less enjoyable.
This is why we made an article that helps you solve your issues and reinvent the living room.

Spring Pinterest Party

Spring theme Pinterest party happened...or...didn't exactly happen like they normally do. What went down? Keep reading to find out.

Favorite Finds at Target

I really have to plan out my Target trips these days and I was able to go to the Target in Santa Clarita and find some really cool things! Here's what I saw :)

More CHA Adventures

Another day and more pictures and fun at CHA / Creativation 

I need to find me one of these blender pens. I have something along the lines of this but was loving how easy this was to use + a tip at both ends!

I wish so hard that that white palette on the right was available for purchase but so far it is not and there is no ETA on it. You can use a yogurt lid instead or something similar. Apparently everyone who went to the class got one and I didn't know! Aii. 

I was impressed by Gina K and her crafts. I dont recall hearing about her in the past so it was fun to meet and see what she does

Eileen Hulls booth is always a favorite of mine because she has a cool camper set up and a lot of her crafts are camper related which speaks to my wanderlust heart

I heart these pens - need them in my life!

Maybe I will add a microwave kiln to my list of craft supplies. These looks really fun to make!

Valentine Pinterest Party!

Quick break from the CHA / Creativation conference posts to post about the latest Pinterest party! It was nice to be able to do a theme party before the month of the actual holiday. We got together on January 31st (since I was gone for most of the month!) and had a great time!

CHA Day 1

Day 1 at CHA turned out amazing and I got to meet some great people, connect with some awesome brands and participate in some fun make and takes. Take a look!

CHA 2017 in Phoenix!

I had the opportunity to attend CHA in Phoenix, AZ this year and it was one of the best times! I attended last year in Anaheim and luckily it ended up working out for me to go to Arizona this year for the conference.